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Friday, January 12, 2018


There is a time for everything
There is a purpose for every season of trials
There is a lesson for every pain and hurt
Life is but a mirage or a mirror
But you will always see something or somewhere
That you pull up yourself to achieve or attain
You will always feel and experience
Moments of groanings, sufferings and instability
Those moments cannot be wished or prayed away
Because they are prescribed for all mortals to pass through
A period when all your ego, confidence and strength vanish
Instants of life when you never hoped or expected
They come to meet us prepared or unprepared
But amidst the pains, hurts and sufferings
There is a still small voice speaking to us
Teaching and explaining to us all about life
The completeness of life beyond our shallowness in imagination
That period, that moment, when we learn
When we absorb and understand something
Something new and fresh about life
The newness that displays the old and obsolete
The lesson in the pain.

January 2018

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sunday, November 15, 2015


As much as we want change,
We are not yet ripe for change,
Because we keep doing the same thing,
In the same way and manner,
Yet expect a different output;
As much as we dream about change,
We cannot experience it yet,
Because we continue to hold unto,
The same old ideas that have kept us stagnant,
And make no concrete effort to adopt new ideas;
As much as we sing and say change,
We cannot obtain the change we sing yet,
Because just as we sing and say change,
We act contrary and contradictory to the change;
No matter how much we want change,
We may never achieve the change needed,
While we still hold unto the old ideas and actions,
As much as we want it.

November 2015

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The tidal waves are too boisterous,

The storm is ferociously hitting on me,

I can hardly breathe out a relief,

As pressure comes from within and without,

As the heat seems it will drive me crazy,

I am in between two pulled from different angles,

Whether to continue or back out,

But just then I realize I still have a choice,

And so I choose to be committed to you,

I decide to still be loyal to you,

Now and always

© DSA 2011

Friday, October 22, 2010


I easily despise His words

I quickly forget I am to serve Him

I immediately loose my confidence

And stray away from His presence

To walk in the path of death

Where evil search for its prey

To mercilessly feast on it

But the merciful God wouldn’t loose me

He wouldn’t allow me to die in sin

He abhors seeing me being led astray

As so He stretches forth His hand

To draw me back on the right path

To set me on the straight path

Forgiving and forgetting my iniquities

And showing me His mercy

It’s indeed rich to save a dying man

For God’s mercy wouldn’t let go.

© 2004


It started out as a miniature seed

It began so little looking insignificant

As if it would not attain to anything

Yet in its littleness was life given to it

In its smallness God breathe into it

That it may fulfil His purpose on earth

Being recognized as a gift that makes way for the bearer

While to some it’s a unique talent

Very rare and unheard amongst many people

But we all as heathen vessel do possess it

Embedded into our system and structure

Well composed into our being and life

Imbibed into our blood and its minute cells

Into our genome and its chromosome

To affect and effect changes into our generation

That we might serve God as a seed in our time

And being accountable to Him in our generation

For in our mortal body resides

The gene in a generation.

© Dec 2006


Love is so rich to exhaust

It’s so wide and deep to fathom

It’s so broad and large to imagine

It’s so blessed and enriching to avoid

It’s cool and warm to neglect

It’s so charming and adoring to resist

It sets the path of two together

Though they never thought they could meet

It brightens hope in the frustrated

And clothe the naked

It expresses itself fearlessly

It shares itself sacrificially

And gives out itself without withholding any

When you are in it

You will never want to let go

Because to whom you’ll want to share it

Is all to you and your life

Love is so sweet to hate experiencing.

© 2004


Life spring forth from a wounded heart

His spirit was crushed with a heavy load

The burden of sinful man that despise God

Though He stretches out His love towards us all

We reject and refuse His unfailing love

Because little did we know the importance of His death

And as He was stripped all over His body

He received the hurts and pains our life

As He was injured piercing into His Spirit

He made provision for our healing

In His love He spreads out His anointing

To touch every wounded soul

In the deepest part where it hurts us most

Christ has come to offer us healing

One, which is divine and everlasting

As He has loved us.

© 2004

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Crushed and bruised you are

Wounded and injured beyond repair you think

You have been battered and beaten

Life has been depressing and disheartening

Circumstances have made you disconsolate

Your heart have been broken and severely hurt

At this point for you, giving up is the best

Jumping down the cliff is the perfect option

For it seems all hope is lost and gone forever

But I am here by your side to help you

To mend and repair your broken soul and heart

To dress and treat your injuries and bruises

To reverse what you think is irreversible

And to satisfactorily restore your hope

For I am your healer.

© Sept 2008


The concept of love is unconceptualized

Its mystique often baffles the human mind

Its search often reveals more than it possess

It is an adventure worth taking in life

It’s more than a feeling everyone should experience

When it’s absent we are really starved

And when available we keep demanding more

Love is not a thing or feeling that satisfies

Rather love is a satisfaction itself

Its experience is enriching and fulfilling

Its sharing is compatible with every event in life

Just as it can be shared, it can be received

It makes you wonder the non-existence of life without it

It is the wonder of love.

© Sept 2008


I’m yet to understand why and how it turned out like this

I’m not really sure of what to expect again

As everyday keeps unearthing new disappointments

Expectations are meant to be answered early

But each day has proven contrary

Each night I stay speechless in prayer

Early mornings use only in wondering

Whether the unbearable siege would be over

At every moment, we get discouraged

We are bent on searching out

If God is there.

© Oct 2008


What a year to live in

What a bountiful harvest to experience

For this year is loaded with its best

As God unleashes the fullness of HIS blessings

And our lives attract HIS favour and blessings

Our going in and out welcomes HIS goodness and mercy

Beyond comprehension, we are elevated and exalted

Above imagination, God has magnified us

In a manner and pattern, that confounds everyone

For no eyes have seen nor ears hear

How exceedingly abundantly and above

God has bestowed HIS care on us

How exceedingly abundantly and above

God has shown HIS love towards us.

© Jan 2008


The enormity of the raging storm is ravenous

The extent of the boisterous wind is so wide

To keep pace with the event is so tiring

Hopelessly I walk and work my path

Painstakingly I attempt to see beyond

I try to envisage where it will all end

For this struggle has to stop instantly

This distressing challenge must be over soon

As I keep wondering on how tough it has been

Casting my mind on the frequent hardship

And reflecting on the difficulties

I feel like taking my last breath

But thanks to God, I didn’t.

© Jan 2008


Time will tell

History will recall

The enormous impact man can make

The magnanimous influence we can contribute

In reshaping our world to be better

In restructuring our lives to be worthwhile

In making planet earth homely

But not all these has been achieved

Because of the fallen heroes

Who at the peak of their success

At the height of their stardom

They missed the right step

Associated with the wrong people

And where seen at the inappropriate places

Thus their lives turned out unfulfilled

Their dreams were unachieved

Their voices were unheard

And their purpose unaccomplished

Leaving the unsatisfied thirsty earth to soberly request

Where are they?

© Jan 2008


As much as I think of a successful life

I see you as a contributor in the picture

As much as I dream of a fulfilled living

I recognise you as part of my life

For it is easy now to realise

Quite simple and obvious to visualize

How empty and void all can be without you

How dissatisfied and depressive life could be

When you are absent and not there

My heart pants earnestly for your love

My soul eagerly expect your warmth

My body freezes without your tender touch

For without you I cannot run this race

Without your counsel, I cannot conquer this quest

As my mind thoughtful reflects on you

I see how unreal my life would be without you

For I can’t forget you.

© Jan 2008


I want to be the greatest

I want to be at the top always

I want to be rank as the only best

I want to be rated as the most superior

Regardless of who or what it requires

Even if I would have to make others inferior

Even if I would have to bring as many down

Embarking on making a lot fall

Even if I would have to make others fail

Making my fellow neighbour insignificant

I would still want to be the ultimate

That is who I have always wanted to be

This is me, the me in you

Always contradicting the God in you

So it is either you allow the God in you

Or you permit the me in you.

© May 2008


You could have chosen someone else

You could have befriend another person

You could have helped another helpless

Instead, you chose me above all

You lifted me up from the miry clay

You set me the solitary in a family

You made me stand before kings and not mere men

Even though I am not qualified

Yet you empower me to be qualified

You have set me on the solid rock

To solidly stand steadfastly and steadily

I am indeed grateful to you for all

How can I fully express my appreciation?

For even if I try to pay for it

You would not collect anything

Therefore I resolute this day and forever

That I love you

More than anything

© Nov 2009


When I look around

Seeing the disaster occurring around the globe

When I search through earth and its events

Seeing the atrocities we have inflicted on one another

When I listen to the news

Hearing the evil committed to tear our world apart

I am forced to question myself

And ask my creator where we went wrong

To request from my fellow human being

How did it get to this?

Lord, please have mercy.

© April 2010


Everyday of our lives we meet new faces

Every moment of our time, we relate with people

Some are meant to stay long

Some are meant to be for a while

But no matter how brief or long they stay

We learn something new from every relationship

We pick up some new habits in every fellowship

A ‘let go off’ some bad habits

Leaving an indelible mark is the ultimate

Making an unforgettable impact is the supreme

Consciously a part of others prompts our actions

Unconsciously a part of some guides our steps

People will always come as they are bound to go

We will always meet to part and part to meet

Life has been fashioned to revolve like that

You invest in me and I invest in you

So that every steps we take

Every speech we utter

Every path we walk

It is always you in me and me in you

A part of you in me.

© October 2010

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I tried hard to have you back
I struggle much to claim your love
I labour severely to share your affection
But all my effort is to no avail
If I could reverse time and season
I would give you my extra affection
I would do the unusual for you
I would fully devote my passion towards you only
Day and night would I spent to please you
I would consistently do your likes
And so well undo your dislikes
Everything I would pour out to satisfy you
Daily I would live to please you the more
But now I realised your heart is to someone else
Your affection daily grows towards another person
Even though I try to gain your attention
It is focused towards someone else
I sit to ponder on all these happenings
But it then dawn on me that I have lost you
And it's worthless pursuing a lost love